Was it the deeds of a madman?

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February 9, 2020
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Was it the deeds of a madman?

Was it the deeds of a madman?

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The guilty verdict is not yet final. The defense attorneys for the two defendants announced that they would appeal. The prosecutor had demanded prison terms of 30 years for Knox and 26 years for Sollecito.

Litigation not over yet

The decision in Florence, however, is unlikely to mean the end of the legal dispute that has been going on for over six years. The Italian Supreme Court has to confirm the judgment. And that can take a year or even longer.

Theoretically, one of the two sides could then appeal. Another appeal against Knox and Sollecito would then follow before the highest Italian court. Legal experts consider it unlikely that Italy would attempt to extradite the US student before a final verdict.

Knox stayed in the safe United States

Knox, 26, was in her hometown of Seattle, Washington at the time of the sentencing. In an email to the court, Knox said she stayed away from the trial for fear of being wrongly convicted. According to her lawyer, she is said to have reacted petrified to the judgment, but not cried. "I am shocked and saddened by this unjust judgment"she said in a statement.


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While many guests bowed to the space theme, others made the wedding a general dress up party and came in outfits reminiscent of the 18th century or the Roaring Twenties. Robinson already held the application in space style and indicated a meteorite crash, the bachelorette party then took place in the style of the Wild West, as a photo on Robinson’s Instagram profile shows.

Prince Damien: ‘It sparks with people, not with sex’ Wasted millions of fortunes: Katie Price is officially broke "Melrose Place": US series star of the nineties is dead

The couple has been in a relationship since 2015 and is said to have secretly married in 2018. On their wedding website, the two are said to have collected money for the big wedding celebration. Knox gained fame through a spectacular murder trial. A court in Italy convicted her in 2009 of the murder of her fellow student Meredith Kercher and was named because of her penetrating gaze "Angel with the eyes of ice" known. In 2015 she was acquitted in the last instance.

Sources used: news agency spot on newsDaily Mail: "Amanda Knox wears bizarre yellow outfit as she marries poet boyfriend at out-of-this-world ‘space-themed’ wedding ceremony in front of guests who dressed as Egyptians, flappers and French Revolutionaries"Instagram: Profile of Christopher Robinsonmore sourcesshow less sources–>

The 27-year-old has been occasionally for months "West Seattle Herald" worked, reports the online portal "The Daily Beast". Now she has been upgraded to the status of a permanent freelancer who works regularly for the newspaper. She should write about local things there. Her subjects are human fates, but also school theater performances and the like.

Knox online editor absolutely thrilled

Online editor Patrick Robinson, who works with "The Daily Beast" said the former journalism student Knox was originally approached to help her lead a normal life. Of course, the collaboration has nothing to do with her fame because of her case. In the beginning she wrote under a pseudonym.

"She showed us some of her work, and it was good." After she started, she switched to writing under her real name at some point. "Amanda is a very smart, capable, and highly skilled writer"says Robinson, who appears to be Knox’s biggest fan. She has been through a lot, but she is very pleasant to work with and Knox is very interested and hardworking.

"It doesn’t matter what people say or think"

She is also exceptional as a photographer. "It doesn’t matter what people say or think"says Robinson. "The truth is, she lives and grew up in West Seattle." Why shouldn’t you give her the opportunity to have a "human being" instead of one "Celebrity" to be in the negative sense.

The editor is indifferent to the fact that Knox is possibly a murderer: the allegations of the Italian judiciary went "the newspaper nothing". The verdict had little to nothing to do with hers "relationship" to do the newspaper.

Controversial film: Knox attorneys threaten to sue filmmakers After another conviction: Knox’s judge suggests possible motive Judgment: Amanda Knox sentenced to over 28 years in prison

Amanda Knox is accused of murdering the British exchange student Meredith Kercher with countless knife stabs in November 2007. Her boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, is said to have been an accomplice. The motive is unclear.

Police have seized an arsenal in a hollow wall of a horse stable. Why the owner illegally hoarded them is unclear. 

War weapons and several hundred rounds of ammunition were discovered by police officers in a horse stable in Upper Bavaria. The officers had actually looked for stolen property on the property in Waakirchen, then on Thursday they found several apparently functional machine guns and other weapons, as the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office announced on Friday.

The four fully automatic firearms are subject to the War Weapons Control Act: an Uzi submachine gun, an MP 40, an assault rifle 44 and a machine gun 42. The 54-year-old suspect was arrested. According to the initial findings, there is no suspicion of extremism, the message said. The officers discovered more ammunition, a double shotgun, two barrels, a barrel, a revolver and other prohibited items on the property in a residential building. The man also legally owned 16 handguns and long guns, said a police spokesman. 

After years in Syria: Suspected IS terrorist Kim A. arrested. Weapons found: German right-wing extremist caught in Poland Unconfirmed report: Armenia ready for talks with Azerbaijan

The suspect is now being investigated for crimes under the War Weapons Control Act and the Weapons Act. The motive was not yet known, said the spokesman. The horse stalls were empty during the search, the animals on pasture. The weapons were hidden in a hollow wall near the boxes.

Sources used: Police Presidium Swabia South / West: Press release from October 2, 2020, news agency dpa