The best LTE tariffs in comparison

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The best LTE tariffs in comparison

The best LTE tariffs in comparison

That is possible with 4G and 5G.

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According to Hannes Ametsreiter, the head of Vodafone in Germany, the new antenna technology for directional transmission will increase the available capacities of the cell tower five-fold. Ametsreiter told the WAZ: “” Outside of the big cities, citizens in North Rhine-Westphalia and throughout Germany are still too often on the digital hard shoulder. “”

About the study According to Verivox, the data on network coverage was collected by the independent management consultancy “P3” in October 2018 on the basis of anonymous data from 150,000 smartphone users from all over Germany and analyzed by Verivox. The grades (excellent, good, fair, moderate, poor) indicate the probability with which a network will be received on the terminal with a certain signal strength. The better the category, the more likely a network (2G, 3G, 4G) will be received with good signal strength. In the “poor” category, the probability is less than 20 percent. However, this does not rule out that more than 20 percent can be achieved in certain corners.

What is your experience with dead spots? Write to us in the comments!

Sources used: network study by Verivox

Millions of cell phones gather dust in drawers. There is good money for functioning old devices – in stores, on the Internet and now even at vending machines. And from the rest, the experts get tons of copper, cobalt and even gold.

Automat at MediaMarkt exchanges old smartphones
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Consumers in Germany buy a good 22 million new smartphones every year. The digital association Bitkom estimates that around 124 million old devices are lying around unused in drawers and cupboards. Buyers on the Internet sometimes offer good money for it – and the electronics retail chain MediaMarkt has also been offering vending machines since Wednesday.

It works in a similar way to returning the deposit bottle in the supermarket: plug in the old mobile phone in the machine, have it evaluated and immediately take the equivalent value with you as a shopping voucher. Defective devices, for example with a broken display or water damage, are also accepted. “” A practical and, above all, sustainable alternative for the convenient disposal of old cell phones “”, MediaMarkt-Saturn manager Sonja Moosburger advertises at the presentation in Munich.

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Saturn is already testing similar mobile phone purchase machines in branches in Berlin and Potsdam. This is well received by customers, many thousands of devices have already been exchanged. “” We are so satisfied that we are now also testing it at MediaMarkt, “said Moosburger. It starts in ten markets in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia: In Munich-Haidhausen, Munich-Solln, Erding, Ingolstadt, Landshut, Rosenheim, Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and Eschweiler.

You can find out what other options there are to sell your old smartphone at a profit here. There are a few things to keep in mind before reselling. Among other things, all personal data must be carefully deleted from the memory. We explain how to do this here. 

Even broken old devices are accepted

The MediaMarkt machines from the US manufacturer ecoATM have been in use in the USA and Great Britain for years. About half of the devices can be resold, says ecoATM European manager Christoph Janeba. There are large trading platforms on the Internet, “” Asia and Africa have large markets. And insurance companies also buy a lot if they have insured equipment of the same value. “”

The machine even gratefully accepts broken old devices. Sometimes the display or the camera can be used as a spare part. In addition, a cell phone contains an average of around 8 grams of copper, 4 grams of cobalt, 0.2 grams of silver and 0.025 grams of gold – this has been calculated by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment.argumentative essays topics In 124 million “” drawer cell phones “” there are more than 1000 tons of copper, 487 tons of cobalt, 33 tons of silver, 3 tons of gold and 1 ton of the even more valuable metal palladium. Too good for household waste – especially since lead and nickel pollute the environment.

The evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S series
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Janeba uses two examples to demonstrate how the whole thing works: He puts a used Samsung Galaxy S 9 into the flap of the machine and connects it. The machine recognizes the model and condition of the device electronically and optically and offers the owner an amount – in this case 203 euros. If the owner agrees, the machine prints out a shopping voucher and swallows the cell phone. All of this only takes a few minutes. With an old Samsung S 1, however, it only reports: “” No cash value. “”

“” Our prices adapt to market values, “says Janeba. But a price comparison can’t hurt. The comparison portal, for example, names the current prices of major buying platforms such as Zoxs, Clevertronic, Rebuy and Swooop. Telekom also buys used cell phones, and Vodafone has vouchers. And another big market is Ebay. At Ebay classified ads, sellers for the iPhone 8 with 64 GB of storage got an average of 360 euros at the beginning of September, according to the company.

The business is not worth it for thieves

The machine makes it difficult for thieves who simply want to sell stolen smartphones for money at the machine: it is not worth selling with a blocked SIM card, and the machine also checks whether the device number has been reported as stolen. The seller also has to give his name and have his ID ready when redeeming the voucher, as Janeba explained.

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Bitkom expects that Germans will buy 22.4 million smartphones this year, for an average of 532 euros and thus for a total of almost 12 billion euros. Janeba hopes for further tailwind for the business with old devices from Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD): If the term of mobile phone contracts were to be limited by law to 12 months, the market for used devices could still grow.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The 5G expansion is being promoted in many countries, including Germany. However, Telekom wants to do without new 5G contracts for the time being. The reason for this is the unclear situation around Huawei.

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Deutsche Telekom does not want to conclude any new contracts to equip the super-fast 5G networks until there is clarity about the use of technology from the Chinese Huawei group. “In view of the unclear political situation, we are currently not entering into any 5G contracts,” a spokesman said on Wednesday.

Manufacturers are currently being informed about this. For security reasons, Telekom always relies on several manufacturers. “” We hope, however, that we will get political clarity for the 5G expansion in Germany as soon as possible, so that we do not fall behind.

Suspicion of espionage against Huawei

Huawei is one of the leading suppliers of cellular networks. However, it has been discussed for months whether the group should be excluded from the 5G expansion in Germany. Among other things, the US is demanding this from its Western allies. One argument is that Huawei, as a Chinese company, must bow to government demands, which means there is a risk of espionage or sabotage. Huawei rejects the allegations and emphasizes that the company is completely independent. The two biggest rivals Huawei are the European providers Ericsson and Nokia. The Chinese group ZTE still plays a role as the fourth player.

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According to the current status, there should be a security catalog for the providers of network technology. However, some politicians are still calling for Huawei to be completely excluded. The 5G network has particularly high security requirements because software plays a major role in it and many processes run decentrally in the local infrastructure such as antennas.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The security debate about the network equipment supplier Huawei is also making German network operators increasingly nervous. For them, a product ban would be a disaster. A plan B is needed. 

In the discussion about possible security risks, the network operators Telekom and Telefónica are already preparing, according to a report by the “Handelsblatt” “, to dispense with the mobile communications infrastructure of the Chinese network supplier Huawei” “in their core networks” “. Corresponding dismantling plans are currently being drawn up by both companies, the newspaper learned from corporate circles.

The federal government is meanwhile examining whether specific security risks could arise from the use of Huawei infrastructure. The security of the products offered by telecommunications suppliers and the security of the 5G network “” is of great relevance for all of us, “” said a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin on Friday. The federal government will be guided by this in its decisions.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry emphasized that the government’s decision-making process for the 5G network has not yet been completed. He did not want to give an exact time for the decision.

The two telecommunications companies want to prepare themselves for the event that the federal government should restrict the use of Huawei, it said. However, the companies hoped that Huawei technology would not be banned. 

“” Safety TÜV “” for 5G infrastructure: this is the Telekom proposal

As an alternative, Deutsche Telekom had previously proposed a kind of “safety TÜV”, which was also welcomed by competitors Vodafone and Telefónica. Dismantling Huawei technology, on the other hand, is very costly, said a Telefónica spokesman for the Handelsblatt. “” We’re not talking about a few months here, but about longer periods of time. “”

The initiative by Deutsche Telekom provides for manufacturer-independent certification for all critical infrastructure elements. This is an important and groundbreaking measure to increase security. “” Certification should be based on tests by independent test laboratories under state supervision (e.g. BSI) taking recognized standards into account. “” 

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is itself criticized because it was involved in the opening of a “Security Innovation Lab” by Huawei in Bonn last year. BSI President Arne Schönbohm said at the time that the BSI welcomed the opening of this laboratory, “” which enables a further and deeper technical exchange between Huawei and the BSI in order to tackle the future challenges of cybersecurity “”.

In the dispute over the security risks in mobile communications equipment from China, the BSI had previously spoken out against a Huawei boycott. So far there is no evidence that the devices were equipped for espionage purposes.  

Manufacturers should disclose the source code

However, there is concern that later updates could pose a security risk to devices. The Telekom proposal therefore provides for the source code of software to be deposited with a trustworthy third party. “” According to defined rules, access could then be granted to an operator who would then enable him to eliminate weaknesses on his own responsibility. “” The company also spoke out in favor of extending liability Include suppliers for critical infrastructure.

At the same time, the group made it clear on Thursday in Berlin that the proposals should not be understood as a vote against or for a specific provider. A spokesman for Deutsche Telekom said that his company relies on various suppliers for the procurement of network elements. Manufacturers are mainly Ericsson, Nokia, Cisco, but also Huawei. “” Nevertheless, we are currently reassessing our procurement strategy. “”

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The US is increasing the pressure on China

Most recently, the United States had increased pressure on Germany to join a boycott. The Trump administration accuses the Chinese company of espionage, among other things.

The US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, had last said in the “” Tagesspiegel “” that the American and German economies were agreed “” that the security of telecommunications networks and supply chains is at risk when suppliers are under the control or influence of foreign governments subject to “”. Therein lies “” the risk of unauthorized access and malicious cyber activities. Germany understands the threat, said Grenell.

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Sources used: dpa news agency, press release from Huawei

Vodafone is gradually opening its LTE network for cell phone tariffs from the discounter. For the first time, users of a prepaid card from Lidl will also benefit from this. But customers shouldn’t get excited too soon. 

The best LTE tariffs in comparison
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The prepaid tariff of the food discounter Lidl attracts with its favorable conditions. So far you could only surf the 3G network with it. That is now changing: from now on new customers with a SIM card from “” Lidl Connect “” can also use the LTE network (4G) from Vodafone – at least with mobile Internet. Telephone calls should continue to be routed via the 3G or GSM network.