Photo series with 9 pictures

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Photo series with 9 pictures

Photo series with 9 pictures

Art theft in the Green Vault. Almost 100 pieces of jewelry were stolen, the police and the art collection explain how the perpetrators proceeded. (Source: Reuters)

That is why the break-in into the treasury of the Residenzschloss hits the heart of Dresden. It’s not just about countless diamonds, diamonds, rubies, emeralds or sapphires that have been stolen (here you can read an overview of the treasure, here you can see images from the surveillance camera, here is the latest status of the police investigation). Forged into fine jewelry, the stones, gold and silver tell the story of the Saxon kings, Saxon pride – and the very special Dresden city culture. "What we have is an inestimable cultural value, a kind of world cultural heritage, ”says Dirk Syndram, director of the Green Vault. State Interior Minister Roland Wöller calls the theft one "Attack on the cultural identity of all Saxons".

In the coming days we will hear many questions: why the burglars were able to overcome the supposedly excellent security system so easily. How the police are progressing with their investigation. What the thieves do with the gems and jewelry. Urgent questions, loud questions. But the complaints are even louder: the mourning of the proud Dresdeners for their treasure. Anyone who knows this lovely city will mourn with them today.


Newly elected pro-democracy MPs for the Hong Kong District Council. (Source: Kin Cheung / AP / dpa)

What has to happen so that we can watch the district elections in a city almost 9,000 kilometers from Germany breathlessly? The winners have to take care of the rubbish collection, noise pollution and the best place for a new bus stop. Not exactly the stuff that an international hot topic is knitted from. But in the local elections in Hong Kong, China’s President Xi Jinping and his Communist Party cadres received a gossip that will keep their heads booming for a long time: their preferred candidates failed in 17 of 18 districts. They succumbed to political rookies from the democracy movement.

The brutal power of the CP is currently dominating the headlines. Internal party documents leaked to Western media reveal the perfidious system of repression against more than one million Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province. Gulag is not too big a word for the re-education camps, in which people are supposed to be driven out of their religion, language and identity.

Controversial information about the machinations of the Chinese regime has also come to light elsewhere. A defected agent unpacked details of infiltration and manipulation campaigns. He reports of extensive infiltration of the democracy movement in Hong Kong. Looking at the election result, we can say: It probably didn’t work out so well. This is not a wonder. Because the secret service has a powerful opponent in its efforts to turn the mood: of all things, the leadership in Beijing and their henchmen from the Hong Kong police. Indoctrination does not help against their violence, against scandalous videos like this one. Beijing’s relentless harshness has pushed Hong Kong’s people into the arms of the democracy movement.

In this messy situation, the election result could turn out to be an unexpected gift: it would offer the Politburo bosses a face-saving way out. Its governor, Carrie Lam, has already announced that it will become public opinion "humbly listen". Give in to the demonstrators’ demands and then congratulate yourself on your own respect for democracy: Yes, this would finally defuse the crisis. Actually. But President Xi has not yet made a decision. Give in or strike? Dialogue or barbed wire like in Xinjiang? That a campaign slap can be a path to pacification: will the mighty man understand that?


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Peasant protest in Düsseldorf. (Source: David Young / dpa)

The actors in the federal government are characterized by the fact that they like to talk to each other, but less like to talk to the citizens for whom they are actually supposed to do politics: that is the tenor that echoes in many parts of the country. It is particularly loud from farmers. Many farmers are fed up with an environmental policy drawn up on the drawing board and an agriculture minister who seems to place more value on beautiful photos than on solid work. Today thousands of farmers chug their tractors to Berlin in protest. At a rally at the Brandenburg Gate, they demand more support for farms, oppose stricter fertilizer rules and the “denigration” of farmers. A few hundred meters further, Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) has to defend her agricultural budget in the Bundestag at the same time. Many words today, but little dialogue.


Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) today presented her draft law to anchor children’s rights in the Basic Law. Here, too, we will hear many fine words, but few specific commitments.


Anna Mae Bullock was born 80 years ago in Nutbush, Tennessee. Their youth was tough, their marriage tortured, their art was and is brilliant. So we would like to congratulate the woman with the stage name Tina Turner on her birthday this morning and let us be carried away by her terrific voice: Nutbush city limits!


Before the Champions League games, there is a fire in the top German clubs everywhere. How long can Hansi Flick stay as Bayern coach? What if Lucien Favre messes up with BVB in Barcelona? And will one of the two clubs soon grab the Argentine coaching star Mauricio Pochettino? My sports colleagues have dissected the questions from all angles: here on the Munich team, here and here on BVB. 



A thick blanket of smoke hangs over Sydney’s business district. The smoke from more than a hundred bush fires is extremely hazardous to health. (Source: Dylan Coker / AAP / dpa)

In Australia we see the catastrophic consequences of the man-made climate crisis: bush fires are blazing in several states, the front of fire is as long as the distance between Berlin and New York. Within days it destroys the habitats for countless animals – and people too. How is the government reacting? She is firmly in the grip of the coal lobby and stubbornly denies the relationship between climate change and inferno. The German researcher Katrin Meissner works in Sydney and can explain the drama clearly. And if after reading this you are wondering why the German federal government is also refusing more resolute climate protection, you may think of the business lobby in the CDU and CSU. Sometimes Australia and Germany have more in common than you think.


Protester in Beirut. (Source: dpa)

There is a fire not only in Australia. From Chile to Iraq to Hong Kong: the fire of revolt is blazing everywhere. Why do people take to the streets in so many countries? My colleague Jonas Schaible has thought about it.



Everyone has their worries.

(Source: Mario Lars)

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In November of last year two men broke into the Green Vault and looted priceless jewels. Now four employees are suspected of having supported the perpetrators. 

These are the stolen treasures

Photo series with 9 pictures

After the spectacular jewel theft in Dresden’s Green Vault, several security guards were targeted by the investigations. "Investigations are underway against four security guards", said Chief Public Prosecutor Jürgen Schmidt. Previously, the "picture"Newspaper reports. The two security guards who were on duty on the morning of the break-in are alleged to have failed to respond appropriately and to prevent the theft, it said. According to the information, a private person had filed a complaint.

There are also investigations against two other security guards. According to the prosecutor, one was provisionally arrested on November 29 – four days after the spectacular theft. He is accused of having supported the perpetrators by teaching them "Should have handed over documents on the premises of the Green Vault and the security systems", it was said.

Half a million euros for hints

However, no suspicious evidence was found during an apartment search and the man was released. Both guards are also about "Actions related to the alarm system"through which the theft could have been facilitated. The prosecutor did not give details.

Both security guards had initially announced that they would comment on the matter, but then remained silent. The investigations are ongoing, according to Chief Public Prosecutor Jürgen Schmidt.

Four months after the attack: Grünes Gewölbe: Police are looking for perpetrators with a photo. After jewel theft: Dresden Minister of Education knew about a security leak. Jewel theft in Dresden: MDR receives offer for jewelry from Grünes Gewölbe

On November 25, 2019, two strangers broke into the Green Vault through one of the barred windows under cover of darkness and smashed a showcase in the jewel room with an ax. After a short time they were able to flee with priceless diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds. A reward of half a million euros is offered for hints about catching the perpetrator.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Gradually, light penetrates into the darkness around the break-in of the Green Vault in Dresden. The police now assume four perpetrators. The museum has completed its inventory and now knows what is missing.

These are the stolen treasures

Photo series with 9 pictures

Two days after the jewelery robbery in the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden, the museum management has completed its inventory. Now it is also clear what kind of valuable treasures were actually stolen during the spectacular break-in.

According to a statement from the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden on Wednesday, the thieves stole eleven complete ornaments as well as parts of two other jewelry objects. There are also some buttons on the skirt.

The stolen pieces of jewelery came from three so-called sets, most of which were made in the 1780s for the Saxon kings Augustus the Strong and August III. were made and consist of around a hundred individual parts. They were affected "Set of diamond roses", the "Diamond set" as well as the "Diamond jewelry and the pearls of queens".

According to the museum, the stolen objects also included the "Epaulette with the Saxon white diamond" from the "Diamond set", a particularly large diamond weighing 49.84 carats, also known as the "Saxon white man" is known. This piece of jewelery also contains two other larger diamonds with 39.5 and 21 carats. Queen Amalie Auguste’s large breast bow with over 600 diamonds was also stolen.

See a photo series with the treasures of the Green Vault here.

The police had previously announced that apparently four perpetrators were involved in the break-in – this was evident from the evaluation of video material. "The crime scene work turns out to be very complex. This is also due to the fact that the burglars emptied a powder extinguisher at the crime scene to cover up traces"According to the police report.

So far, the special commission has received a total of 205 reports from the population. They would be evaluated and processed according to priority. Recordings from various surveillance cameras are currently being examined.

Burglary under cover of darkness

Burglars stole precious jewelry with diamonds and diamonds from a showcase in the historic Green Vault early on Monday morning.