Kevin Volland (37th) had meanwhile equalized for Leverkusen, who had previously won the Bundesliga four times in a row.

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January 25, 2020
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January 25, 2020
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Kevin Volland (37th) had meanwhile equalized for Leverkusen, who had previously won the Bundesliga four times in a row.

Kevin Volland (37th) had meanwhile equalized for Leverkusen, who had previously won the Bundesliga four times in a row.

In the Alte Försterei they have strong opinions – and transform their “pre-game show”, as it should be called today, into a ceremony for punk rock connoisseurs. New Model Army instead of “Charts”, Nina Hagen instead of Miley Cyrus. Of course, not everyone likes Oi! Pearls from the smoky throat of a guy named “Sporti” – but who actually likes Oliver Pocher outside of the cosmos of #diemannschaft? Surprisingly little punk rock was the performance of the newcomer after the overture. After the bitter 0: 4 at the start of the league, when they had presented themselves completely without a chance and at times very excited, worries were certainly appropriate for all those who keep up with the newcomer. Instead, Union quickly made it to the Bundesliga like a staccato. Instead of constantly getting into trouble in their own penalty area, as they did against Leipzig, the Köpenickers won many balls in the Dortmund half.

The access in the pressing got bigger and bigger, “we were disgusting, we ran a lot, we were very efficient and always got into the game of switching,” said Fischer happily. And BVB coach Lucien Favre praised: “Union played well when it won its own ball, when it countered”. Courage, confidence and a high level of effectiveness brought the historic victory. What was not good? Mats Hummels now almost completely dispenses with the use of the insides of his feet, at least when it comes to deep passes. Instead, the big old man in the German central defense prefers his player openings with the outside instep in the direction of Julian Brandt, Marco Reus or Jadon Sancho.

In the middle of the second half, the flying balls of the best German defender (as they say in Dortmund) into the completely free space were then the symbol of Dortmund’s lack of accuracy. Of course, there is not one cause of the first Dortmund defeat of the season, but so flat, so imprecise , The 2014 world champion has not been seen as inattentive as against Union for a long time. And some nostalgic Dortmunders may have secretly wished to have brought back Neven Subotic, who had once been sorted out, instead of the high earner who once changed of his own free will. Favre moderated questions about the quality of his defense in the press conference, with the usual reference to the common necessary defense behavior of the entire team.

The shaky performance of his difference player Hummels, he may have viewed individually critically. Player of the game You sometimes ask yourself how much a Neven Subotic dealing with the side effects of his job must get on the nerves. All these superficial press appointments, sponsor pats, the social media nonsense of fellow players, the sensitivities of the young stars between hype and hubris. In his spare time, Subotic prefers to build wells than huge followers. If you read interviews with the former US junior and Serbian national team player, it has nothing to do with the usual hawking of the well-known phrases that you have become too used to. After the first Bundesliga match day in Union club history, the two-time German champion took the S-Bahn home, where many a young millionaires are likely to despair of having to deal with the timetable. Neven laughs. (Photo: imago images / MIS) Subotic is not a kicking influencer, but a central defender who makes sense of his influence.

For that “special” professional, a small circle closed on Saturday evening, because the notorious crowd favorite was made very clear in Dortmund in the winter of 2017 after nine years, two German championships and a cup win in Dortmund that he would no longer be needed. From the club’s point of view, that was understandable, even if it was extremely unromantic. Against his ex-club, the Serb showed why he no longer fits into the regular football of a permanent Champions League guest – but all the better for the newcomer: Liberation instead of outside instep, heart instead of head. Incidentally, it can be assumed that Subotic would only hold his head if he were to read these lines.

What these scribes are doing instead of doing meaningful things. It’s just football. In the end, Subotic is celebrated by everyone, both from Berlin and Dortmund. Yes, there are more important things than football. So it was in the stadium. When Union’s Bundesliga debut against RB Leipzig, the story of the class struggle into which the punk rock troupe from Köpenick wanted to throw themselves euphorically but hopelessly, the mood is different today.

If you celebrated yourself two weeks ago, the league now got an impression that this stadium and this atmosphere can also win points. The sausage scent that otherwise wafts through the Alte Försterei has largely been blown away; the noise, the constant wall of clay against which the guests had to run, could not, however, be dispelled. The sheer volume, the songs between milieu pride and nostalgia leveled the differences between championship candidate and challenger.

And in the end, the restless Dortmunders seemed somewhat impressed. And while they are still celebrating in the Wuhlheide, the big arithmetic begins at the DFB, the treasurers of the clubs involved and various non-profit organizations: If you set the usual DFB rate of 1000 euros each Burned pyrotechnic device, it was a financially bitter trip to the capital for the guests: Red torches lit up the yellow-black block again and again, while the hosts limited themselves to a short fireworks display at the beginning of the second half. But only visually. The roof took off anyway before the end of the game. Football as it should be. Source: “News and information at a glance.

Collection of articles by on the subject of Peter Bosz The general election is over? Nonsense. Martin Schulz just has to pull the joker. Meanwhile, HSV is getting legendary paint, FC Bayern is basking in the sun, and BVB asks: Who was Ousmane Dembélé again? By Stefan Giannakoulis and Tobias Nordmann The fans are already celebrating BVB as champion, Andrej Jarmolenko seems to quickly forget the emigrated Ousmane Dembélé.

Borussia Dortmund impressed under the new coach Peter Bosz with offensive power and defensive stability. Dortmund’s Borussia is experiencing a classic false start to the Champions League season in London: Coach Peter Bosz’s route to position the back four extremely high is being disrupted by the Spurs. By Felix Meininghaus, London BVB screwed up the dress rehearsal for the Champions League duel against Tottenham Hotspur in Freiburg.

But more painful than the poor performance is the threat of failure of two high performers. It could be bitter, especially for Marcel Schmelzer. Five days before the longed-for comeback in European football, 1. Cologne falls into a deep Bundesliga depression. Rhineland neighbor Leverkusen can also be infected by it.

The “Prince” meanwhile prevents the Eintracht false start. The games at a glance. After the turmoil surrounding Thomas Tuchel and Ousmane Dembélé, football is back in focus at Borussia Dortmund. At the visibly harmonized BVB, the returnees Mario Götze and Nuri Sahin, who restored the championship lead with a dream goal, are enthusiastic.

Even in the second game of the young Bundesliga season and even without Ousmane Dembélé, Dortmund’s Borussia remained without conceding a goal – the victims are the Hertha players from Berlin, who have little to oppose the BVB vortex in the Westfalenstadion. He comes, sees and wins: With Borussia Dortmund’s convincing opening win at VfL Wolfsburg, world champion Mario Götze celebrates a strong comeback in the Bundesliga. Despite a goal assist and fine dribbling, he shows himself humble afterwards. The test matches sometimes reveal major problems, the boulevard is broadcasting SOS, two superstars are causing unrest – the Peter Bosz era at Borussia Dortmund starts off bumpy.

But the new one comes with a good reputation and a vision. By Christian Bartlau Both Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern Munich are dragging themselves through the preparation for the season more badly than well. After several test match failures, the Supercup is in for an emergency – and a win would be just right for both football clubs as an ego booster. “In good shape again: Mario Götze scored to make it 3-1.

It was already his third home game goal in a row. (Photo: imago / DeFodi) Borussia Dortmund is spectacularly claiming its three-point lead over FC Bayern at the top of the Bundesliga. Bayer 04 Leverkusen, the team of ex-BVB coach Peter Bosz, played Borussia against the wall in phases at the Westfalenstadion. Withstood the pressure, the period of suffering ended: autumn champions Borussia Dortmund are back on the road to success. When they reunited with ex-coach Peter Bosz, BVB scored 3-2 (2-1) against Bayer Leverkusen after five competitive games without a win and held the three-point lead over FC Bayern at the top of the table. Dan-Axel Zagadou (30th), Jadon Sancho (38th) with a remarkable direct purchase and Mario Götze (60th) ensured the first Dortmund success in 30 days.

Kevin Volland (37th) had meanwhile equalized for Leverkusen, who had previously won the Bundesliga four times in a row. Jonathan Tah made it exciting again with his connection goal (75th). For Bosz, the return to Dortmund ended with a disappointment. In December 2017, the Dutchman was released without a win at Westphalia after eight games in a row. “All in all, we made one or two mistakes too many to survive here. You could see how efficient Dortmund are,” said Bayer national player Julian Brandt at Sky: “But basically we’re on the right track.

We’re making a lot of progress, the trend is upwards, but it’s not all perfect yet. “Borussia Dortmund: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Zagadou, Diallo – Weigl, Witsel – Sancho, Mario Götze (83rd Dahoud), Guerreiro (75th) . Bruun Larsen) – Paco Alcacer (90th Wolf); coach: Favre.Leverkusen 04 Leverkusen: Hradecky – Weiser, Tah, Sven Bender, Jedvaj – Baumgartlinger – Aranguiz, Brandt – Havertz, Volland, Bailey (70th Alario); coach : Bosz Referee: Christian Dingert (Lebecksmühle) Goals: 1: 0 Zagadou (30th), 1: 1 Volland (37th), 2: 1 Sancho (38th), 3: 1 Götze (60th), 3: 2 Tah (75th) spectators: 81,029 Manuel Akanji returned to the hosts after a two-month injury break.

The defense chief was immediately challenged in front of 81,029 spectators. The negative experiences of the past few weeks have left their mark on the Dortmunders. Leverkusen started with a sure ball and dominant, BVB just followed for almost half an hour. The only reproach that the guests had to put up with at this stage was their efficiency; they did not use their great superiority to lead. The accounts of Sven Bender (20th) and Kai Havertz (23rd) were too imprecise.

When the first expressions of displeasure from BVB fans could be heard in the stadium, the league leaders woke up. The strong Sancho failed with a first warning shot at goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky (28th), a minute later Tah saved against Julian Weigl in dire straits. The lead by central defender Zagadou after a Sancho corner did not reflect the course of the game despite this brief pressure phase.

Three days after the sobering Europa League break against FK Krasnodar, the Werkself were not impressed by the deficit. Volland scored with a low shot from around 18 meters to equalize. Even without the still injured captain Marco Reus, Dortmund answered immediately.

After a cross from Abdou Diallo and a positional error from Tin Jedvaj, Sancho hammered the ball into the goal to lead the break. The almost 70 percent possession of the ball in the first half did not help Leverkusen given the Englishman’s dream goal. The guests continued to determine the game even after the change, but their actions initially lacked the momentum of the first half. The Dortmund team, where Paco Alcacer and Mario Götze started together for the first time, were defensively good and were waiting for further gaps in the Bayer defense. This found Götze and provided the third goal after an hour from the edge of the penalty area. “Only BVB will be German champions”, the fans sang afterwards on the trembling south stand. Leverkusen did not give up.

BVB goalkeeper Roman Bürki prevented Leon Bailey (65th) and substitute Lucas Alario (72nd) from scoring a goal. At Tah’s head the Swiss was powerless. Source:, tno / sid / dpa “Relief for the BVB players: After five games without a win, Dortmund wins against Bayer Leverkusen with ex-coach Peter Bosz. (Photo: imago / Kirchner-Media) Borussia Dortmund ended its period of suffering: the leaders of the league were beaten for a long time against Bayer 04 Leverkusen on the 23rd matchday of the Bundesliga, but still wins. The best thing besides the result is the knowledge: It works without Marco Reus. As Referee Christian Dingert from TSG Burglichtenberg in the Palatinate had blown his whistle for the last time on this evening of the 23rd matchday of the Bundesliga after 95 very exciting minutes, the reaction in the Dortmund stadium was restrained.

No explosion, no cheers, no ecstasy – there was more of a collective sigh from eleven players, the bench with substitutes and coaching staff and the vast majority of the 80,000 visitors who gave their hearts to Schwarzgelb. There was relief after a 3-2 (2-1) win against Bayer 04 Leverkusen in a rousing exchange of blows. Borussia Dortmund: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Zagadou, Diallo – Weigl, Witsel – Sancho, Mario Götze (83rd Dahoud), Guerreiro (75th.

Bruun Larsen) – Paco Alcacer (90th Wolf); Trainer: Favre.Leverkusen 04 Leverkusen: Hradecky – Weiser, Tah, Sven Bender, Jedvaj – Baumgartlinger – Aranguiz, Brandt – Havertz, Volland, Bailey (70th Alario); Coach: Bosz Referee: Christian Dingert (Lebecksmühle) Goals: 1: 0 Zagadou (30th), 1: 1 Volland (37th), 2: 1 Sancho (38th), 3: 1 Götze (60th), 3rd : 2 Tah (75th) Spectators: 81.029 There was finally another sense of achievement after weeks of waiting, in which there were various setbacks and the record champions from Munich had come threateningly close to the sovereign autumn champions.

The largest stadium in the republic was not like a madhouse, the scenery was like quiet enjoyment, the trend after three draws in the league, the end in the DFB Cup against Werder Bremen and the depressing 3-0 defeat in the Champions League round of 16 at the To have flipped Tottenham Hotspurs.