He stayed in Munich, his girlfriend is expecting the second child. “

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February 17, 2020
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He stayed in Munich, his girlfriend is expecting the second child. “

He stayed in Munich, his girlfriend is expecting the second child. “

Behrens was played by Jenny Schily, the daughter of politician and lawyer Otto Schily and his first wife Christiane.

Jenny Schily with father Otto Schily at a film premiere in Berlin in 2009. (Source: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images)

The judge played by Schily with a right-wing feminist orientation goes back to the American feminist Camille Paglia as a real role model. The 52-year-old actress Schily explains in an interview with "picture" to: "She is a controversial feminist in the USA, a homosexual intellectual who campaigns for women’s rights, but has many critics because she also argues biologically and emphasizes the differences between men and women. She is also taken over by right-wing extremist women like the German publicist Ellen Kositza, against which she vehemently defends herself."

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Jenny Rosa Schily already had episode roles in various "crime scene"-Episodes. Most recently she was also in "Babylon Berlin" to see. She trained at the Berlin Academy of Dramatic Art "Ernst Busch" made. In addition to numerous appearances in various TV films and series, Schily is also on the theater stage. 

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The "crime scene" will soon be celebrating its 50th birthday. On this occasion, the first would like to give presents to the loyal audience and confronts them with several decisions. But that’s not all.

The "crime scene"-Teams at a glance
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The Sunday quota guarantee in the first is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. For the milestone birthday of "crime scene" the station has come up with something special to thank the fans for their loyalty and to give them presents – it should look like this: As you know, there are no new cases during the summer break. Instead, the station shows repetitions. This year, the audience can decide for themselves which ones they will be. Eleven Sundays can be voted on in one voting.

From Sunday, June 14th, a so-called "Charts" at 50 "crime scene"- Episodes will be published to choose from. It is about "particularly successful ‘Tatort’ thrillers over the past 25 years"as announced by the broadcaster. A weekly vote can then be held. Which film has won should always be announced on Friday before the usual broadcast date on Sunday. The first favorite chosen by the audience"crime scene" will be shown on Sunday June 21st, the last on Sunday August 30th.

There are also classics

But that’s not the only surprise at the 50-year-old "crime scene"-Anniversary. On top of that, there will be a classic from the crime series on Fridays at 10:15 p.m. from June 26th. In addition, there should also be a two-part anniversary"crime scene" by the teams from Dortmund and Munich investigating together. The broadcast was actually planned for autumn 2020. However, due to the current situation caused by the corona virus, filming has been on hold for a good month.

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A WDR spokeswoman said this week that they hope to be able to continue soon. The double episode bears the title "In the family". The first "crime scene" with the title "Taxi to Leipzig" aired on November 29, 1970.

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In 2020 the "crime scene" 50th birthday. That’s why the first came up with something very special: The viewers can decide for themselves which crime novels are shown.

The "crime scene"-Teams at a glance
Photo series with 22 pictures

For the anniversary year, the broadcasters from "crime scene" the decision in the hands of the audience. During this year’s summer break, a vote will be taken as to which eleven crime novels will be broadcast on Sundays at 8:15 p.m. from June 21 to August 30. 

50 films are available

"The shortlist consists of the 50 ‘Tatort’ thrillers of the past 25 years that have been particularly successful with the public", announces the first. The possible consequences of a wish also include real classics that enable old teams of investigators to meet again.write an argumentative essay step by step

For example, there can be a reunion with Ritter and Stark. The actors Dominic Raacke and Boris Aljinovic ended their TV police service in 2014. The choice is your case from 2005: "Crime scene: Death Bridge". The singer and Dellwo team, which was played by Andrea Sawatzki and Jörg Schüttauf from 2002 to 2010, can join "Crime scene: where is Max Gravert?" (2005) or "Crime scene: heart failure" (2004) return. The former Hamburg team Casstorff and Holicek alias Robert Atzorn and Tilo Prückner could do it again "Crime scene: Undercover" (2002) revive.

Anyone further into the "crime scene"-Want to travel back to the past, can for "Crime scene: greed" (1999) vote. In it, Stoever (Manfred Krug) and Brockmöller (Charles Brauer), who have been out of service since 2001, determine. Also from 1999 comes the "Crime scene: Bienzle and the blind rage". Dietz-Werner Steck (1936-2016) solved cases in Stuttgart from 1992 to 2007.

Two films from Münster

Of course they are missing "crime scene"-Favorites from Münster not in the hit list. "Crime scene: catch shot" (2017) and "Crime scene: Swan Lake" (2015) with Thiel (Axel Prahl) and Boerne (Jan Josef Liefers) can make it to the Sunday evening program again. Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) from Munich stand "Scene of the crime: The son of the desert" (2014) and "Crime scene: When women eat oysters" (2003) ready for election. And Kopper (Andreas Hoppe), who has not been investigating alongside Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) since 2017, could join in "Crime scene: blackout" (2014) or "Crime scene: cold blooded" (2013) return.

Next "Tatort: ​​Welcome to Hamburg" (2013) with Tschiller (Til Schweiger) and Gümer (Fahri Yardim) or the first case of Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler), "Crime scene: Lastrumer mix" (2002), other crime novels from Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund, Dresden, Franconia, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Kiel, Cologne, Konstanz, Leipzig, Lucerne, Saarbrücken, Black Forest, Stuttgart, Weimar, Vienna and Wiesbaden can be found on the list .

This is how voting works 

The voting for the first wish"crime scene" starts on Sunday, June 14th. The crime thriller, which has the most votes by the following Friday, will be shown on Sunday, June 21 at 8:15 p.m. on Das Erste.

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Immediately after the broadcast, the voting for the second desired"crime scene" all over again. The vote starts again from zero. The votes cast from the previous week are not counted. Votes can only be cast online. If you want to take part, click here.

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Bayern Munich star Joshua Kimmich was absent from the game against Arminia Bielefeld on Saturday. As the club announced, he and his partner Lina are expecting offspring again.

These are the offspring of celebrities
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Joshua Kimmich and his girlfriend Lina Meyer only became parents of one child in 2019. Now the player is obviously expecting offspring again. On Saturday evening he was missing in the game against opponent Arminia Bielefeld. As FC Bayern Munich announced on Twitter, this has more private than health reasons.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Lina Meyer (@_linamey_)

"Joshua Kimmich is out today", is called in a tweet from FC Bayern, which was sent to the Internet shortly before the Bundesliga game. "He stayed in Munich, his girlfriend is expecting the second child."

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Little is known about the kicker’s private life. You won’t find anything about baby news on his Instagram account. There are also no contributions for the first child. The expectant mother Lina is also holding back on Instagram with the latest information.

Sources used: Twitter account from FC Bayern, Instagram profile of Lina Meyer

While it is very warm in Germany, the sun is also shining on Mallorca. Daniela Katzenberger uses the good weather to tan. Her fans also enjoy it.

She was just visiting Germany, meanwhile Daniela Katzenberger is back in her adopted home Mallorca. The weather is also currently very good on the Germans’ favorite island and the TV personality takes advantage of the weather for the perfect complexion. One thing in particular catches the eye of your fans. Daniela herself another.

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A post shared by Daniela Katzenberger (@danielakatzenberger)

Double caption by Daniela Katzenberger

On her picture, which she posted on Instagram, you can see how she made herself comfortable lying on her stomach on a lounger by the pool. She has taken off the top of her bikini to avoid streaks when tanning. The cat wearing sunglasses grins cheekily at the camera. She teasingly writes under the post: "Yeah, I already know what you’re thinking … ‘How can she show herself like that ?! With a price tag on the shoe."

And indeed: the price tag is still stuck under her left flap. Your fans are thrilled with the joke. A user asks: "Who zoomed in on everything?" Another comments: "You can just wear anything, even a price tag under your shoe." Another user is also very enthusiastic about the Instagram post. "Your comments are really mega. Your mom can do really good things. So you know where it comes from. I love our Palatinate humor!"

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Within a few hours, almost 85,000 people liked the sunny post from the cat. She also posted another brief glimpse of the sun in her story. This time, however, again with a top.

Sources used: Daniela Katzenberger’s Instagram profile

The fact that celebrities often have to read nasty comments on the Internet is nothing new. Daniela Katzenberger broke the collar because of bad news. Because she doesn’t like dealing with such emails either. 

10 years on TV: This is how Daniela Katzenberger has changed
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With almost two million subscribers on Instagram, her own TV shows, various books and advertising partners, Daniela Katzenberger is one of the country’s biggest TV stars. The 33-year-old is particularly popular for her open manner. Not everyone is a fan of the cat yet. Again and again she receives offensive messages.

Daniela makes mob publicity

In her story Daniela now types her frustration off her soul. It shows a screenshot of a hate message from a user. So he writes first: "Do your teeth Ugly. You have enough money, you pig."

Daniela Katzenberger received this message on Instagram. (Source: https://www.instagram.com/danielakatzenberger/)

The man also uses another Instagram story in which Daniela and her family grin at the camera as an occasion for an angry text message. "What kind of teeth are they"he asks hatefully. Daniela does not reply to any of the messages.

"That annoys me!"

However, the 33-year-old has shared the chat history with her fans on Instagram. She has made the profile picture of the author and the username unrecognizable. She writes: "You know, such comments are commonplace. But I am not allowed to show such profiles in public because otherwise I will get a criminal complaint about data protection. That annoys me!"

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In fact, it is forbidden on Instagram to make private messages from users public in your story or profile. One would need the author’s permission. Daniela Katzenberger is doing the right thing in that, although she publishes parts of a rather one-sided chat, she makes the sender unrecognizable.

Sources used: Instagram profile of Daniela KatzenbergerRTL: "Facebook, Instagram & Co .: What can I post about others?"

Daniela Katzenberger also likes to share her private life with her fans. Her brother, on the other hand, lives more withdrawn. Now the cat published rare impressions of himself and Tobias. 

10 years on TV: This is how Daniela Katzenberger has changed
Photo series with 17 pictures

While visiting a restaurant together, Daniela Katzenberger filmed herself.